Holidays and Energy

We all love a holiday, and we have just come back from one of the best holidays, ever. After the majority of August being wiped out I was looking forward to some fun, good company, food and a few glasses of wine. So on Friday 26th August we packed up the car, put the bikes … More Holidays and Energy

Knocked for Six

Well I wasn’t expecting that. After my last blog I finished my third set of anitibiotics and within a day embarked on my fourth lot after a visit to the GP.  She also checked my records and it turns out that this was my fourth urine infection since April, so decided to send me for a renal scan … More Knocked for Six

Moving forward

I cannot believe that we are half way through March already, and how busy my life is. Following my initial visit to the Christie at the beginning of February I have already been back three times, and have another 3 visits over the coming weeks. However, once all the tests and results are out of … More Moving forward