Holidays and Energy

We all love a holiday, and we have just come back from one of the best holidays, ever. After the majority of August being wiped out I was looking forward to some fun, good company, food and a few glasses of wine.

So on Friday 26th August we packed up the car, put the bikes on the top and headed north to the Scottish Highlands, with a stop over on the Friday night in the Bridge of Allan, just outside Stirling, before arriving at our destination on the Saturday afternoon, Eagle Brae at Struy just outside Inverness. As soon as we arrived we were in awe.

The log cabins were out of this world, and running around looking at everything we were like kids in a sweetshop. The scenery was amazing, we were surrounded by wildlife, literally, with deer wandering around and looking in the windows and birds feeding outside the window. From our cabin we looked down the valley onto the river Glass which really did look like glass, it was very quiet and tranquil, just what we all needed. On our first night whilst Shelle and myself cooked that nights evening meal the lads went off on a bike ride to check out the surrounding area. Over the week we would walk, canoe, see Osprey, Dolphins and Red Kites. Every night we played games, we also wrote and recorded a song.

On the Tuesday I thought I wouldn’t make the canoeing as my stomach was not good when I woke up, luckily painkillers and a hot water bottle sorted it out, and I am so glad it did. We ere picked up in the morning by our instructor Russell, as none of us had canoed before we weren’t to sure what to expect. Russell was very patient with us all, and there was no rushing us along, it was all very relaxed, and thankfully it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, mind you the calm river probably helped!! The bonus was we won the race, to be honest Greg and Shelle should have won as they were faster than us, but we could steer better, so as they overshot the beach we turned and landed first.

Wednesday we walked around Glen Affric or as I called it Ben Affleck, and really did experience 4 seasons in one day. Now usually when we go up to Scotland we call at Glen Orchy, which is one of our favourite places, Glen Affric didn’t quite match up but came pretty close, so we didn’t feel so bad for missing it. Then on Thursday we were up early to see the dolphins at Chanonry Point on the Moray Firth. There were no guarantees that we would see them, but luck was with and we saw three, it really as an amazing experience. By Friday though, my batteries were well and truly flat and stomach was staging a painful protest, so I was confines to bed for the morning with painkillers and my trusty hot-water bottle ( I have one that stays in the case now). Greg an Shelle went off on a bike ride, by late morning I was able to get up, so we had a late breakfast and then went over to Tollie near Dingwall to see the Red Kites being fed at the RSPB nature reserve.  Unfortunately though the only miles my new bike did were on the top of the car.

Friday that night after our meal, we recorded the song we had written to commemorate our holiday, sitting outside on the deck of the lodge, braving the mossies, luckily we got it in one take!  The song comes about as part of a challenge we were given when we were in Scotland in 2014 staying just outside Oban by Loch Awe. So as we were in Scotland again we were re-challenged to do another. As I have said before I like a challenge, but its always better when it is done as a team.

If you would a listen our holiday song on YouTube, here is the link: Sitting on the Deck of the Brae by the Fork Hilts!

On Saturday morning, you have never seen such a miserable group of people, cars were packed and ready for an early start, but we really didn’t want to go home, and nearly two weeks later we are still suffering with withdrawal systems. We love our bi-annual Scottish holidays, but this has been the best so far.

Needless to say that when we got home I was ready to drop, and the journey home involved a few loo stops, I was in serious need of an energy recharge. Unfortunately too I went down with another urine infection, thankfully though I was able to get in and see the GP straight away, and she put me straight on the strong stuff for a week.  As I have had one every month since April she suggested that we consider a prophylactic approach once this one was cleared up, where I would be required to take a low level antibiotic once a day for 6 months. One of my sisters is already on this and it is working a treat. However, as I was seeing my consultant the following week for the results of my August scans and tests, it was agreed that I would speak to him about it first to see what he thought.

Thankfully the antibiotic’s worked quickly, and although they did upset my stomach a bit, it was nothing compared to the last months side effects. Energy levels were low, painkillers and heat-packs were needed, but I wasn’t confined to bed. I was dreading my results though, as whilst I was sure that antibiotics were the reason for last months bad patch, I couldn’t be certain. Results day is always a day of mixed emotions, but thankfully everything was still stable. I discussed the prophylactic approach with my consultant, he was not adverse to this, but wants me to see a urologist first just make sure there is nothing else going on. I have also upped my probiotic consumption in the hope that will help too.

“I’m not afraid of dying, it’s time I’m afraid of…” Interstellar 2014

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  1. wonderful blog posting, I really enjoyed reading it. Love your photographs. enjoyed your holiday song – brought a big smile to my face 🙂 well done uploading to youtube – fantastic xxx 🙂

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