Good Company

My back continues to creak but the yoga is definitely helping to ease thing and keep me flexible, and my balance is improving as I can now stand on one leg in the shower without falling over. Good deep sleep remains consistently unreliable, although I have found that lavender oil is definitely helping.  I had … More Good Company

Getting on With It

It has been an uncomfortable few weeks, but boy has it flown, it is hard to believe that Easter has been and gone, we have had our first May bank holiday and are quickly heading towards our next one at the end of the month. We had a lovely Easter, starting with another friends 50th … More Getting on With It

Holidays and Energy

We all love a holiday, and we have just come back from one of the best holidays, ever. After the majority of August being wiped out I was looking forward to some fun, good company, food and a few glasses of wine. So on Friday 26th August we packed up the car, put the bikes … More Holidays and Energy

Knocked for Six

Well I wasn’t expecting that. After my last blog I finished my third set of anitibiotics and within a day embarked on my fourth lot after a visit to the GP.  She also checked my records and it turns out that this was my fourth urine infection since April, so decided to send me for a renal scan … More Knocked for Six