Feeling Better and a New Family Member

Happy to report that my reliance on the painkillers and heat-packs over the last few weeks  has reducing and some of my energy is returning. I am down to one dose a day most days, and have even been getting a few days pain relief free. I haven’t had a free ride however, but things are vastly improved from when I wrote my last blog. However it does mean it has taken me a while to get around to this one, as motivation is still somewhat lacking, pictures to I’m afraid.

Just after the last blog our Grandson Arthur celebrated his second birthday, sorry no photos this time as we were to busy playing Fireman Sam. Although once he found out that the helmet spoke and sang he was not to keen to wear it!! The fires station however with all it bits and pieces proved very popular, especially the helicopter.

The return of some energy also gave me the confidence to get back to the gym, I re-instated my membership just before the holiday with the intention of using the pool only. Classes and personal training workouts just don’t seem to agree with my stomach, so working on the premis of getting in 2- 3 swims a week the monthly fee will pay for itself. With this in mind I decided to try aqua-aerobics, lots of the older ladies do it so I reasoned that I could to. Then I realised that I was being a bit unfair here to the other ladies that do it, as I am technically one of those older ladies too! Anyway, it is great fun, I have been going now for the last 3 weeks with no adverse affects so far. Not only is it great fun, we have a laugh and the time just flies. I even manage to get a few lengths in too sometimes.

I have also been able to catch up with work colleagues, TraceyH came over for a visit and a good natter, and I also went over to Telford and had a lovely meal and catch up with my immediate team mates Margaret & Teresa. These catch ups sort of make up for missing work, as I still feel a part of it. Although the meal out turned out to be rather expensive on my part, as on the journey over I got my wing mirror smashed on the drivers side. The other driver was a bit to far over on a narrow road, it was purely accidental and he did come back and apologise. As he had sustained damage as well we decided to pay for our own repairs as it was not worth an insurance claim(the repair cost less than the excess).  Believe you me though, driving without the drivers wing mirror makes you realise how much you use them. Luckily the garage were able to fix it very quickly.

Following this my best friend Bridgette came down for a visit, and we had our usual shopping trip to Trentham Gardens. All the new units are open now, and there is a great new wholefood shop where I made quite a few purchases. On the way home I wished I had been a bit more restrained though as we had walked down rather than driven. As always, Bridgette returned home with her case packed to overflowing!!

Just after Bridgette went home I had my monthly jab, and got a bit of a shock as I experienced the worst post jab lag I have had for a while. Really bad headaches for a few days, with a really muzzy head and aching joints. Toilet visits were up to. But on the Friday after my jab, my daughter Judith treated me to lunch, and we passed our assessment with Labrador rescue to adopt when they find the right match for us. On the Saturday I did manage a walk around Trentham gardens with Shelle when the boys went to the test match, which seemed to help ease things, it was a bit damp to start off with but a dose of fresh air is always good. I also got our plane tickets to Tuscany booked for the end of April next year, we are going on a yoga retreat, and Shelle will be taking some of the yoga classes as she is training to be a yoga teacher. I am so looking forward to it, and there is no pressure to do anything if I’m not up to it,  I love Italy and have always wanted to visit Tuscany.

Then we were into the Bank Holiday, which was a bit of a wasted weekend for me even though the weather was great on the Saturday. We attended the ‘Gin & Steam Trains’ event on the Churnett Valley Railway,I  designated myself as driver as I cant stand gin, but I still got to ride around on the train all day.

The rest of the weekend though was spent mostly in bed, on a diet of painkillers supplemented with a heat pack which I was more than a little peeved about, especially as I had not indulged on the Saturday. But you win some and you lose some, and I realised when I looked back through my diary that the warning signs had been there earlier in the week.

I did manage with meet up with my friend Amanda for lunch at Harvey Nicks in Birmingham on the Tuesday, Amanda had got a special offer and it was very nice. Although we did walk around the store saying “how much” when looking at all the designer gear afterwards. Some people pay a lot of money for not a lot, and dare I say a lot of it did not look like it was worth anywhere near the price on the price tag. Then again, not having that type of money to spend what do I know.

Last weekend I finally managed to get to a Net Natter after missing the last few, and got to meet Nikie’s new partner in crime, Lindsey. She was lovely, but unfortunately we were a small turn out this time, I think it was because it was the last weekend of the school holidays. Met some new people though, and it didn’t stop us having a good natter, and I did take some cake.  Thought I better get some practice in for the Net Patients coffee morning on 10th November. If anybody else would like to hold one to help raise funds for the charity this is the information link

However even though they couldn’t make the Saturday meeting I did get to see Carole and Greg later in the week as I was invited around for lunch. So we had our natter there with a very nice lunch thrown in. I look forward to doing a return match soon, as unfortunately  I couldn’t stop as long as I wanted as I had to rush back for a call from Labrador rescue, they had matched us with a dog.

Which brings us smack bang up to date, but before I go I would like to introduce you to our new family member, Buddy.

He is an 18 month old chocolate Labrador, he is big and he is bouncy, but from first impressions seems to be a gentle soul. Just needs a bit of time to settle in, and a bit more training. He settled well last night, walks well on the lead and travels well in the car, and is a lot calmer in himself today than yesterday. So in my next blog I will give you a full update on how we are all getting on with each other.

“I’m not afraid of dying, it’s time I’m afraid of…” Interstellar 2014

8 thoughts on “Feeling Better and a New Family Member

  1. As always a great blog Kath, I always enjoy reading them. Buddy looks gorgeous and cuddly, am glad to see you’ve taken the plunge! Looking forward to catching up on the 13th October, lots of love from your fellow Capulette! xx

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  2. Another meaningful blog Kath, Buddy looks adorable. I believe Tuscany is beautiful, Sam as I write is on his way there, currently in the Alps walking and due in Tuscany by Thursday. Angela is from Tuscany, they are going to visit family and the new baby, first neice, so all excited. Take care and enjoy Buddy,love to you both. Beverley xxx

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  3. Always enjoy reading your blogs Kath. Personal, honest and without all the medical jargon. I hope you develop a wonderful relationship with the new family member. Look after yourself.

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  4. Delightful blog Kath, as always, of course. Yes, I have to agree, sometimes the side effects from our jabs are much worse, especially the joint pains with me, yet some months I feel fine. We never did get round to comparing notes!!

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