Down to Earth with a Bump

It’s been a funny old week, I got my latest MRI results on Monday, and it was not what I was expecting. It could have been worse, but then again it could have been better…

I had my appointment Monday morning, and over the weekend I had been looking at flights and places to stay in Vancouver for later in the year, with the purpose of getting everything agreed this week.  Dates had been agreed with the family which took into consideration injections and expected appointments. Positive attitude and all that!

However on Monday my consultant told me that they had found more tumours in my liver, but the good news was they did not appear to be active. I must admit it knocked us for six. I had gone in with a list of questions which were now irrelevant, and as such forgot to ask any that would have been relevant. Such as how many more tumours, where were they in the liver, and how do you know they are not active? I didn’t ask anything about my blood or urine results either, the conversation revolved about being referred on to the nearest NETs specialist centre. Having just received a copy of my letter for the Christie, it turns out that I assumed the wrong with the liver too, the new lesion is in my abdomen not my liver. Holiday is still on hold.

I had a choice, Queen Elizabeth Birmingham, or Christies Manchester. I plumped for Manchester, it is very slightly nearer and an easier journey. Also I grew up just outside Manchester and most of my family is up that way. So now we are playing the waiting game.   I say we as I include my husband, family and friends in this, as it impacts us all, we all are waiting to see what happens next. I have however made the decision not to speculate on what the next step will be, as there are so many things that could or could not happen.

So this week my mind has been pretty empty, I have not been able to concentrate on anything much for long, apart from a bit of knitting, but I think that was just the shock. I am starting to feel more like myself again today, and started to think about what possible questions I will have for my next appointment, which fingers crossed will be in the near future. After all I do have a holiday to book

8 thoughts on “Down to Earth with a Bump

  1. Hey Kath,

    Isn’t life a bitch! Just when you come up with a plan she throws you a fucking spear. I empathize…..been in some dodgy spots myself and been with people in dodgy spots….best thing I ever heard was “don’t worry I am next to you”….doesn’t make it go away, its not a cure, and you still have to go through it…but you don’t feel alone. I know Adrian is with you….personally, I wouldn’t want him near me, but you made your choice!

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  2. My husband is under Dr Shah at Birmingham QEHB. They have done radio frequency abalation of his single liver tumour. I have been so imoressed with the hospital. We had a similar blow on Monday last week, he had a GA68 pet scan in Liverpool in December, at the follow up in the clinic at Birmingham, Dr Shah said they have discovered a testicular lump and uptake more wider spread than we already knew. QEHB have online patient info and we have read the letters sent to the GP showing the exact locations. At the time we were both reeling too much to ask appropriate questions. It was a year ago yesterday that he had his “big” op though and he is still feeling so much better than he did.

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      1. That sounds like fun, just looked at the map of it, a great way to see the country😃 we love walking. We are up near Inverness this time, August Bank Holiday week, so if your passing at that time let us know🚶🏻

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