A Good Result & Keeping Busy

On Monday 5th October, I was back at the hospital to get my first set of results for bloods and 5HIAA.  Needless to say on the day I was tired and a bit apprehensive, I hadn’t slept very well on the Sunday night, neither of us did!

Thankfully, it was all good.  My liver function is good, all vitamin and nutrient levels were good, and my 5HIAA was down from just above 80 to 62.5.  So as you can imagine we were all happy, and my consultant is going to send me all the results so as I can start tracking them myself.

It would seem that my liver function is excellent, but I know I cannot be complacent about this. As it has always has been good, which has helped to mask what is really going on in that department, so my next hurdle will be my MRI scan in December.

In an attempt to take my mind of things it has been a productive couple of weeks on my good days, the sunny weather has also helped.  Foraging has been the thing, it has  been an excellent year for sloes, blackberries and hips, and as we live by the canal relatively easy to pick too.  So we now have lots of hedgerow jelly, some blackberry Kir maturing as well as some slow gin on the go, which will hopefully be ready for Christmas/New Year.🎄🎅🏽

Jam Kir

We also went to the Stone Food Festival last Saturday, and as it was such a lovely day we walked there and back via the canal.

heron stone canal bridge alpaca

There were lots of lovely goodies to sample, well not to much for me, but everybody else embraced it.   Especially the spicier stuff on my husband’s part, and of course the cheeses  There were lots of lovely cheeses,  and I got a few good ideas on what to do with this years chilli crop.

chocolate Kangaroo burger talks & tastings

Our daughter in Canada and her husband have also confirmed that they will be with us for the Christmas season this year, which has also cheered me up no end.  I haven’t seen her in the flesh for 2 years, Skype is a lifesaver, but getting the real person is always best.

Next week I have injection no.4 to look forward too, which will be administered by my husband for the first time💉  So fingers crossed for both of us😮  I will let you know how it goes😉

11 thoughts on “A Good Result & Keeping Busy

  1. All the normal labs is why they were so slow to diagnose my cancer. Bad luck or providence? I guess I choose providence. If we lived closer I would give you some grape jelly we made from the wild grapes in our yard.
    We also made dill pickles and sweet pickles. All in all about 30 jars. If I grow cucumbers next year my wife will strangle me with the vines! 🙂 ha ha ha!!!!

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    1. I know now that it was the normal results that slowed things down with me too. Just thankful we got there in the end:-)

      I think you would like the hedgerow jelly, and I love pickles. Doing the jalapeños next week, and chilli paste and chutney’s, shame we can’t just pop them in the post!

      Might have a go at some proper veg next year, although the British weather does not encourage good results:-(

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  2. nice update – good to see 5HIAA coming down too. The jam looks good! I did enquire if my wife wanted to do my injections and the look on her face gave the answer. I guess she’s not ready for that yet 🙂 Keep up the great work.

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    1. Glad you liked it😃
      If you were nearer, you could have some jam, most of it will get handed out! Love making stuff, but always too much for us to eat😦
      Ade offered to do the injection right from the start, it was me that was a bit apprehensive.


  3. Glad to hear that the results were stable/favorable. All we can do is live one day at a time, and enjoy each moment as it comes to us. Keep looking forward to the next moment to enjoy!!

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