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So, following on from my last post I continued with my return to work, in that I did another two days the following week as part of an agreed gradual return to work plan. However, I quickly realized that only 10 weeks after diagnosis and still getting used to my medication, as well as the prognosis, I was probably expecting a bit to much of myself. The fact that I spent most of the first day of the second week in the loo, helped to emphasise this.

I had discussions with HR and my bosses, and agreed that after completing the second day that week, I would take my two weeks booked leave and make a final decision with regard to the rest of the year. So I did my second day as, I had a couple of meetings and other people I needed to see, then went off on leave.

Leave started with the Foo Fighters concert in Milton Keynes on the Saturday, a dream come true, I have wanted to see these guys live for years, and they were definitely worth the wait. Although I must say that the chair they had made for Dave Grohl (due his broken leg), did remind me of something out of Dr Who!! Thankfully my stomach behaved itself, which was good as concert toilets are best avoided for as long as possible, and the less said about the hotel the better. Lets just say we would probably have been more comfortable in a tent.

Then it was home to pack for our holiday to Cornwall on the Monday. The destination should have been Las Vegas, for my son’s 30th birthday, but I decided that it was probably not a good idea for me for now, so they went without me😒 We had agreed this was the ideal place for the celebrations when we were there a couple of years ago, we loved it and I fully intend to go back one day.

Back to Cornwall, it was definitely the right decision, we booked a flat in Penzance on the prom, the view was fantastic and I love being by water, especially the sea.

room with a view

We were so lucky with the weather too. On the Tuesday we did nothing, apart from a short walk into the town centre, followed by a walk into Newlyn to get some gluten free fish and chips from ‘Lewis’s Fish and Chips’! No relation, but definitely worth the walk. It also gave us chance to get our bearings and decide on what we wanted to do. I had printed out some local walks (leaving nothing to chance this time!!), and on the Wednesday we did a 12 mile round trip coastal walk to Lamorra Cove via Newlyn and Mousehole, with regular stops for refreshments.

Coastal walk Selfie coastal

The weather was just right, sunny with a slight breeze, and only one steepish incline.

On the Thursday, I was very tired so Ade went on a bike ride to Lands End leaving me to my own devices, which mainly included reading and enjoying the view. Friday we went to St Micheal’s Mount by bus, and were able to walk across the causeway to get there, and get the boat back. Originally the site of a Benedictine Chapel founded in 1044, the castle that is there now dates from the 14th century. It is a great place to spend the day, lots of history, lovely gardens and great views.


Saturday was the first day we actually used the car, as we drove over to Sennen Cove to do the walk to Lands End, this was not a long walk (3.5 miles round trip),but the views along the coast line were out of this world.

image  Lands End

Sunday was pack up day as we had to be out early Monday morning, so we went over to St Ives, but we didn’t meet a man with seven wives;-) It is a lovely little coastal town, but boy are the hills steep, walking down into town from the car park was a breeze, walking back up was a challenge, but I did manage to get myself a gluten free Cornish pasty. It was worth the walk:-)

On the Tuesday after we got back I was due to have my third injection and I was ready for it, from the Friday my stomach was getting sore, knowing where the toilets were was becoming very important and my flushing was ramping up, the drive home on the Monday involved lots of service stops. Luckily though I don’t need to go to the doctors to get my injection done, one of my very good friends is a nurse and has very kindly taken up the gauntlet for this, she is also going to teach my husband how to do them, which will make life a lot easier.

Post injection, my response has pretty much followed the same timeline as my last one, and I am back to see my oncologist on the 5th October to get my test results and next prescription.

With regard to thinking time and making decisions, I have now been signed off for the rest of the year to give me time to get used to the new me, and I think it is for the best. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am I admit a person who likes to be in control of things, always planning and organizing, I hate letting people down, both personally and in the work place. One of the hardest things for me to try and learn over the coming months is to let go. Just because I am not in charge doesn’t mean that things won’t get done, just because it isn’t in the diary 12 months hence, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. In the workplace I would call it managing expectations!

As I have said previously, it’s just as well I like a challenge, just never thought that my biggest challenge would be managing my own expectations…

16 thoughts on “Work & Holidays

  1. Wish we’d known you were here in our bit of Cornwall. I have the same problem as you, but eventually had to have surgical intervention to prevent a blockage of the small intestine. I think I’m a couple of years further down the road than you, would have loved to meet up for a coffee (Godolphin Arms, Ronny?) and to pass on what I have learned from my own experiences.

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  2. holidays are so special nowadays – we are planning 3 for next year! Michael’s Mount is spectacular, there is an excellent café/pub on the shore looking out onto it – very peaceful, would have been happy sat there all day 🙂

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    1. We had such a relaxing time😃 and I can’t help my self with the looking forward, planning on Canada next year to visit my daughter, but not booking anything until the new year, post scan results, finger crossed

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  3. So glad to see another blog Kath! Happy you could get away for awhile. When you decide on your Vegas trip, let us know. Love holidays with you and Ade!

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  4. Hi there Cornwall sounds great. Somewhere I have always meant to visit. 2016 will be the year for Steve and I to travel to Cornwall. I enjoyed reading this post. I can relate to the few days leading up to not only needing ones injection to help ease bowels and flushing – more desperate for the injection. Yes, I too have became a somewhat of a public loo expert. Regarding your work – take your time and go back only when you feel fit and able to.

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  5. Lovely to read your blog Kath. I love Cornwall, we stayed outside Newquay a lot of years ago the boys loved the beaches, especially St Ives and one near to Lands End. I think the right decision has been made regarding work. You may not be in control of what is happening, but it will help you if you have a bit of reduced stress. Take care Kath xx

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  6. Oh I do love the area you were on holiday. Porthcurno is my most favourite beach ever. Working with a diagnosis and adjusting is hard. Hub’s was told December 12th, a Friday. He was called out of work to go. He was back at work on Monday, shell shocked. He only lasted til 10am then came home and stayed off a few more days. Then back to work til Christmas, scans came after new year, surgery in January then off for 6wks recovery and back to work again.

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